Suluhisho focuses on providing sustainable social and economic change within communities in Kenya.
Key to the Suluhisho strategy are community development programs that build on the cultural strengths of the Kenyan people creating many oppourtunities including skills development leading to sustainability and independence.
Of particular inmportance is Suluhisho’s support to the impoverished and vulnerable youth in the slums of Kisumu and at the Suluhisho Children’s Village in Kapounja.

Suluhisho Childrens Village

We provide a caring home, safety and security, education, and food for 14 children between the ages of 4 and 21 , who have come from the most tragic, desperate and heart-breaking circumstances.
Suluhisho also have wonderfully dedicated staff members and volunteers who provide 24/7 support to these young people.
The Childrens Village has become a place of nurturing, awakening endless possibilities for the future of children who once found themselves in helpless circumstances.

Montessori Based Pre-School

In our established Montessori based pre-school we have 25 children from the local area in attendance each day. This provides children with a vital chance to build their own futures.
Without an education these children face an uncertain future where they may never escape poverty and the associated risks.

Feeding Program

Suluhisho run a daily breakfast and lunchtime feeding program in conjunction with the UK based sponsor, Start Small, which acts as a lifeline to young children living in desolate circumstances and uncertainty.
It is heartbreaking to see the desperate plight of these young children however the transformation as these children grow in strength, confidence and good health is a delight to our volunteers who see so much suffering each day.

The Permaculture Project

The local Kenyan community has been engaged in the activities involved in the development of the Suluhisho permaculture gardens.
The Gardens provide vital sources of food and nourishment sustaining all Suluhisho projects.
The surplus fruit and vegetables are sold locally building confidence in business skills development, local economic bouyancy and further sustenance for the community.
This conitnually evolving project now houses ducks, pigs and chickens as part of the sustainable eco system.
A vast fish pond and bore have been dug and it is envisaged that tilapia will become available for sale to local businesses and the community in the near future.

Lara’s Library – Reading Program

Lara’s library was established in 2013 in memory of Lara Wheeldon. Lara’s life on earth was brief but her parents wanted to make sure her name lived on through the Suluhisho library. Lara’s library is a place for the children to explore and learn through a wide range of beautiful books that have been donated by many kind supporters.

Lara’s library is currently open to the children that reside within the children’s village, the community children that live close to the children’s village, the Montessori preschool students and now the children of 3 slums in Kisumu.

In the early part of 2015 Lara’s library became mobile. An exciting and far-reaching project where great commitment, hard work, and expertise has enabled a children’s reading program to reach children in the slums of Kisumu. Reading is a skill that so many of us take for granted. But for these children it is a gift that brings life-altering opportunities.
Lara’s library, run by Suluhisho volunteers, has achieved marvellous inroads and life-changing experiences for so many young children in desperate situations.

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